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When I search for a donor, I look for something of myself in her, but I’ve never understood why. What’s the point? Am I trying to fool myself? I’ve been asking myself these questions for weeks, thinking that they were … Continue reading

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Losing Las Vegas

Our second donor fell through. Turns out she’s a flake. It took her an eternity to fill out the paperwork, but we let it pass because she apologized profusely and convinced us that she was a changed person. Now she’s gone a week … Continue reading

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Will the Real Mom Please Stand Up?

At some point, someone will ask me the single most upsetting question about my future kid’s donor: Do you ever wonder about the real mom? Obviously the person asking will either be an idiot or an asshole, but either way … Continue reading

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Bio. Genetics.

After searching, downloading, and listening to every single NPR segment about egg and sperm donation they had, something occurred to me: Women who use DS to conceive call their donors biological fathers. Women who use DE to conceive never call … Continue reading

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