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Stock and Bonds

Yes. In answer to your question about whether I’m bonded with my baby after 14 months: Yes. Totally. Mostly. And if you want the emotional play-by-play, here it is: Love: Yes. I totally love her. It wasn’t instantaneous, and it didn’t … Continue reading

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Dietary Supplements

Here’s what happens 3 months into quitting gluten, soy, dairy, nightshades, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol: You never have any gas or stomach pains Your previously painful period cramps completely disappear You have regular, perfect poops Your donor gets pregnant It’s … Continue reading

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O, Me of Little Faith

My parents got married in 1970 and divorced in 1980. Then they got remarried in 1990 and divorced again in 2008. And then last year, they got re-remarried. This time it’s different, though. This time they’re also married to God. … Continue reading

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The Late Show

Last week’s conversation with my clinic coordinator. Me: I’m three weeks late, and still nothing. CC: And you’ve taken a pregnancy test? Me: Yes. Two. Both were negative. What do you think it could be? CC: It’s hard to say. We could schedule an … Continue reading

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50 Periods

I didn’t want a baby. It seemed like a lot of work, what with diapers, the not being able to go out to smoky bars, and the mother-in-law who was already telling me how I should dress my daughter. It … Continue reading

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