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Donor Down

Our donor fell through. A woman who I’ve been thinking about for weeks and whom I’ve been affectionately calling #4889 has left us. The clinic gave us two reasons. The first was that they discovered that she has a medical issue that … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Transference

Here are my clinic’s statistics for taking home an egg donor baby (different from becoming pregnant, of course, which doesn’t always yield a baby). Transferring 1 embryo = 70% Transferring 2 embryos = 80% That’s 14% percent better odds when transferring … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes: DE vs OE Child

I’ve been browsing a billion blogs, websites, and forums about egg donation, and I came across this thread: Do you feel differently about your biological and donor egg children? Good question, right? The woman elaborates that she and her husband … Continue reading

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