Greatest Hits

Is it OK to have favorites of my own posts? Well, in case it isn’t, I’ll just say that these are a friend’s favorite posts. They’re the ones I wrote that mean the most to me. I mean to her. And I thought I’d list them for you here in case you don’t feel like sifting through the rest of the crap that she writes. I mean that I write. Oh, forget it.


My Comments on Your Comments

Thoughts from a Bath

Sophie’s Choice

“I’m Talkin’ about Ethics”

Case Study: Me

Sophie’s Choice, Reprise

Will the Real Mom Please Stand Up?


Battlestar Portlandia

Forty Vignettes

Let Us Now Praise Famous Eggs

Plagiarizing Frankenstein

Positive Thinking

My Biological Clock Has One Hand Clapping. Sometimes.

Quotable Quotes: Sunday Morning Pillow Talk

Pee Antipathy

Fall from Grace

O, Me of Little Faith

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Committing Murder

Future Perfect Tense

Festival of Lights at the End of the Tunnel

Psychopathic Naturopathic Medicine

Archetype Casting

Death and Life. Maybe.


The Pre-Term Labor Movement

You Came Out of My Vagina

Grey Matters

Fuck You, Katie Couric; A Love Story


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