Infertility Timeline

October 1985: Met my future husband. Dated his best friend for 3 years.

October 1996: Re-met my future husband. Got engaged after 3 days.

July 1999: Got married. His best friend was our best man.

April 2006: Separated.

March 2007: Got back together.

June 2007: Started trying to conceive.

December 2007: Consulted a team of masterful reproductive endocrinologists.

2008-2009: Had four inseminations.

2009: First IVF treatment. Negative. Thought it would be a good idea to go to a friend’s baby shower while waiting for my test results. It wasn’t.

2009: Second IVF. Second protocol. Only 2 follicles grew. Converted to insemination #5.

January 2010: Third IVF. Third protocol. Second transfer. Negative.

April 2010: Merlin was eaten.

June 2010: Fourth IVF. Third transfer. Finally a positive. Became ecstatic. Turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. Miscarried. Became depressed. Very depressed.

June 2010-June 2011: Took a fertility break. Did lots of yoga.

August 2011: Started injections on fifth IVF using third protocol. Only 3 follicles grew. Stopped injections early in cycle. Abandoned hope of having a genetically-related baby.

September 2011: Chose an anonymous in-house egg donor for a March transfer.

December 2011: Donor cycle cancelled due to a medical condition (hers, not mine). No other in-house donors appealed. Began search for external egg donor agencies.

January 2012: Signed with a donor agency. Chose Donor #2 who was willing to have an open donation. Planned for a May 2012 transfer.

February 2012: Donor #2 fell through because she was a flake. Was deeply frustrated until I finally found Donor #3.

April 2012: Ready to begin first donor egg cycle, which was then delayed until May.

May 2012: Began injectibles in preparation for a June 12 transfer.

June 2012: Had lunch with my donor two days before her retrieval. Transferred one embryo on June 12. Another chemical pregnancy.

October 2012: Yet another transfer. Yet another negative.

November 2012: Regrouping.

December 2012-March 2013: Consulted a new doctor and three naturopaths.

March 2013: transferred 2 frozen embryos.

April 2013: Pregnancy tests are positive. Beta #1: 241. Beta #2: 586. 7w ultrasound showed two sacs; one was empty, but one had a heartbeat. Estimated due date was December 11.

April – November 2013: Pregnancy details are tracked here.

November 2013: Hello, baby!

11 Responses to Infertility Timeline

  1. Cheese on a cracker. That is quite a history and I’m very sorry it runs so deep. Thanks for following me. One good turn deserves another . . .


  2. Nancy says:

    Hey chick – don’t give up. My story is so similar -the husband thing – the ivf 5 times – the yoga. I can add the natrapathy , the health shakes , the laparoscopies, the fibroids. But guess what. I did donor and ended up with two beautiful boys now 7 months old . I still can’t believe it.
    I am up in th wee ours of australa and looking for fellow egg Mums to share.


    • TG says:

      I never responded to your post, but I wanted to (belatedly) let you know that your comment and support mean a lot to me. I’m hanging in there due in no small part to the thoughtful, warm words of folks like you. It’s helps. Hope you and your boys are doing beautifully on the other side of the world. Hugs to your family, xo


  3. Emily says:

    good luck with upcoming transfer! Hang in there, it is possible (or so I like to believe- I’m hoping for me what you’re hoping for you). Great blog:)


  4. Emily says:

    Forgot to add, Hi Nancy, I’m in Oz too, hoping to be donor Mum sooner rather than later!


  5. Where are you?? I have really enjoyed your blog. But it looks like your Mia. I have a long story too. To long to mention. I’m on first ED ivf cycle at 6 weeks preg. Monday ultrasound and I don’t want to go. I’m scared. I’ve been here before. …I’ve been here before.


    • TG says:

      “Where am I” is a good question. I’m trying to figure that out myself, but I think I’m getting close. Will post soon. As for your cycle, I’m so sorry you’re feeling afraid. It’s so normal after everything you’ve been through, which I hate to imagine. But with this being your first DE transfer, statistical odds are on your side, so I am hoping this will be it for you! Hang in there a little while longer, and please let me know how it goes! (Email or here.) xoxx, TG


  6. We are on a very similar timeline. I am doing my second FET with donor egg bank – transfer should be sometime in early April.


  7. A. says:

    I just saw your article in Building Your Family magazine and thought, waaaaaiiiiit a second, I know that blog! I liked the order of priorities. Congrats on being published :)


  8. Speechbaby says:

    I am absolutely enthralled and encouraged by your story. I am in a very similar situation – fibroids bigger than my head and DE on the horizon once I can rid my womb of the fibroid aliens. LOL. I love to get depressed and feel sorry for myself but I am desperately trying to conjure more positive thoughts and begin this baby journey. I hope you are well and I look forward to hearing more about you and your beautiful baby!


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