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How to be Happily Childfree in 10,000 Easy Steps

Originally posted on Life Without Baby:
There are two questions I get asked frequently: How did you come to terms with not having children, and how long did it take? The answer is something akin to “how long is a…

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Two Weeks’ Silent Apostrophe

Watching shitty romantic comedies is my most guilty pleasure. Actually, that’s not true. Watching shitty romantic comedies is a guilty pleasure, but my most guilty pleasure is watching shitty romantic comedies over and over and over again. Anything with Reese Whitherspoon, … Continue reading

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The word “junkie” can be applied to a number of things. It can refer to someone who suffers from an addiction, like heroin or needing to have a baby. It can indicate that someone really likes something, like wine or the … Continue reading

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